Lighting Lab

Living room lighting lab

What's the best way to light a picture over the mantel? What kind of recessed downlights would be best in the great room?

Dining room lighting lab

Are low-voltage halogen recessed lights over the dining room table worth it? Will halogen spotlights really make my crystal look as good as it did in the jewelry store?

Kitchen lighting lab

Is fluorescent, xenon, or LED under cabinet lighting right for me?

Can I have good reading light in bed without disturbing my spouse?

Get the answers to these and many more lighting questions in our lighting lab where you can experiment with various fixtures in realistic room settings until you find what works best for you.

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Southern Lighting Gallery

is the place to see the largest selection of residential lighting in the CSRA. We have everything from crystals to basics at our award-winning showroom, with many fixtures displayed in lifestyle vignettes to help you visualize how they'll look at home.

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